2021 – Breeding Plans Update January 14, 2021

I’ve made the difficult decision to postpone my Spring 2021 breeding plans.

My local Emergency Veterinary Hospital has had several closures due to staff Covid exposures. The next closest Emergency Vet office is 2.5 hours away.  

My girls are, first and foremost, my beloved pets.   I am not comfortable risking their health & wellbeing or the health & wellbeing of their puppies due to a veterinary emergency.

Secondly, the Covid vaccine has not yet reached the general population in our area in any statistically meaningful way.  It has become incredibly stressful to plan any sort of Covid ‘back-up’ plan in the event that I should become ill, when the ‘the back up’  is just as vulnerable  as I am.

I am hopeful that the above concerns will abate in due time.  It just hasn’t happened in time for Spring 2021.

My Wait List for Fall 2021 is overflowing at this time. 

Anyone interested in filling out a Puppy Inquiry is welcome to do so, however, I will no longer be personally responding to each inquiry.  Please know that I see and read each inquiry and I thank you for your support.